Venom HOT

The Venom HOT diesel heat gun on a tracked platform with a trailer holding 450 liters of fuel is a powerful equipment for heating large rooms where there is no access to electricity. It has high power and is capable of warming hangars, warehouses, workshops, construction sites and other spaces where fast and efficient heating is required. Thanks to its design on a tracked platform with remote control, the gun can be easily delivered and installed in the right place on its own. It is possible to work from a 220 V network, an extension cable of 30 meters is included. When connected to the network, the gun automatically switches to mains power and the battery is charged. Also on the case there are 2 220 V sockets for 2 kW of long-term and 5 kW of peak power.


Those. specifications:
Battery: 48 V, capacity 116 Ah;
- type: lithium battery, with installed BMS;
- guaranteed number of charge cycles: 2000 (without degradation);
Brushless motor: 2 x 500W;
Control: Remote control;
Operating temperature: -30 to 42 C;
Gun power: 120 kW
Own tank: 120 liters
+ Trailer with canister for 450 liters of diesel fuel with electric pump;
Built-in inverter: 5 kW peak and 2 kW long-term power;
Sockets 2 pcs 220 V;
The extension cable is 30 meters.
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