An autonomous POWERBOX power source. This product provides continuous power supply and stability in all situations.
POWERBOX is designed with the needs of the modern user in mind. With a low load of 150 watts, it is able to provide work for an incredible 40 hours. If you have an urgent need for power, with a load of 1 kW, the device will give you energy for 7 hours. And in case of a critical situation, when high power up to 5 kW is required, it will demonstrate its effectiveness within 1 hour.
POWERBOX is equipped with a built-in battery and provides an additional option to connect an additional external battery to expand the power and duration of operation.

Technical characteristics:
Size: 800×400×250 mm
Complete sets: 5 and 7 kW/h capacity and 5 and 7kW power
Weight: 80 kg

Drive type:: chain

Weight: 120 kg

Engine power:: 350-500 W

Battery:: 36-48-60 W 93Ah

Track:: муравей 2222х220 mm height of knobs 20mm

Management:: controller/ remote control

Equipment:: all-terrain vehicle, remote controller, 36-48V 93Ah battery – 1 piece, charging station

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