Venom Multi V3

The crawler platform for transporting various materials and equipment has an updated design and a simplified chassis. It is possible to install special rails for more convenient fastening of objects during transportation (optional).

Those. specifications:
- roller design: polyurethane;
- track design: reinforced (kevlar);
Battery: 48 V, 93 Ah capacity;
- type: lithium battery, with installed BMS;
- guaranteed number of charge cycles: 2000 (without degradation);
Brushless motor: 2X500W;
Travel speed (max): 5 km/h;
Load capacity: 300 kg;
Control: Remote control;
Operating temperature: -30 to 42 C;
Light: LED headlights
Net weight: 200 kg;

The kit includes: platform, charger, battery 48 V 93 Ah 1 pc, warranty card, passport.
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