Venom Poseidon

A mobile autonomous high-pressure washer called Poseidon.
The compact capacity for 1 cubic meter of water and a 30-meter long hose provide convenience and flexibility in using the sink. The maximum pressure of 200 bar gives a strong jet stream that copes with even the most difficult pollution.
Regardless of the place where you need to wash, Poseidon is ready for action!
The installation itself is made in the form of a trailer, which makes it easy to attach it to any mobile equipment, be it a car, ATV, or other transport unit.
This makes Poseidon an ideal solution for transportation companies, car washes, service providers, construction firms and many other industries.

Technical characteristics:
4 kW electric washing motor;
The kelly controller
Battery 60 V 62 Ah
Hose reel 30 m
Water consumption 25 liters/min
2 speeds
Pressure max = 200 Bar
Capacity per 1000 liters
Wheeled trailer

The kit includes: A trailer with a sink, a charger, a 60V 62Ah battery 1 pc, a warranty card, a passport.


Drive type:: chain

Weight: 120 kg

Engine power:: 350-500 W

Battery:: 36-48-60 W 93Ah

Track:: муравей 2222х220 mm height of knobs 20mm

Management:: controller/ remote control

Equipment:: all-terrain vehicle, remote controller, 36-48V 93Ah battery – 1 piece, charging station

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