Venom Multi Gladiator V2

Multifunctional crawler platform with updated design and functionality. This platform has a tow bar and is capable of acting as a tractor for transporting various trailers and installations. Traction forces up to 800 kg. It has updated headlights, as well as an internal compartment for tools. Transformable upper platform, to increase the usable area.

Those. specifications:
- roller design: polyurethane;
- track design: reinforced (kevlar);
Battery: 48 V, 93 Ah capacity;
- type: lithium battery, with installed BMS;
- guaranteed number of charge cycles: 2000 (without degradation);
Brushless motor: 2x500 W;
Travel speed (max): 5 km/h;
Load capacity: 300 kg;
Control: Remote control;
Operating temperature: -30 to 42 C;
Light: LED headlights
Net weight: 200 kg;

The kit includes: platform, charger, battery 48V 93Ah 1 pc, warranty card, passport.
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