Venom Sandy

The snowplow robot is designed to cope with the most difficult tasks that nature can throw at you. This powerful machine can work its way through deep layers of accumulated snow. An electric car can work in strong winds and low temperatures. SANDY acquired his superpowers thanks to 2 engines with a capacity of 750 watts each, a 63-ampere battery and a reliable dump.

Technical characteristics:
- roller design: polyurethane;
-track design: reinforced (Kevlar);
Battery: 48 V, capacity 62 Ah;
-type: lithium battery, with installed BMS;
-guaranteed number of charge cycles: 2000 (without degradation);
Brushless motor: 2x750 watts;
Travel speed (max): 5 km/h;
Control: Remote control;
Operating temperature: -30 to 42 C;
Light: LED headlights

The kit includes: a snow plow with a blade, a charger, a 48V 62Ah battery 1 pc, a warranty card, a passport.
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