Venom MS (Municipal service)

The Venom crawler snowplow is equipped with a mechanical blade and is a powerful machine designed for effective snow removal from roads, sidewalks and other areas in winter.
The control is carried out using a joystick, which allows the operator to easily and accurately control the movement of the machine and the direction of the blade, as well as adjust the speed.
The snow plow is a reliable and effective tool for cleaning snow in any conditions, can be used for both commercial and private purposes.

Technical characteristics:
- roller design: polyurethane;
-track design: reinforced (Kevlar);
Battery: 48V, 93Ah capacity;
-type: lithium battery, with installed BMS;
-charge time: 4 hours;
-guaranteed number of charge cycles: 2000 (without degradation);
Brushless motor: 2x500 W;
Snow dump: 1300 mm;
Travel speed (max): 5 km/h;
Load capacity: 250 kg;
Control: Joystick;
Operating temperature: -30 to 42 C;
Comfortable operator seats: Recaro;
Light: LED headlights, 2 modes of operation, flashing signal light;
Net weight: 250 kg;

The kit includes: a snow plow with a blade, a charger, a 48V 93Ah battery 1 pc, a case, a warranty card, a passport.
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