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Quick response in an environment where every second counts
compact and mobile
Mobile mini loader crane
Autonomous power source from ROBCOM
The strongest wins ...
Another NOVELTY!! 4WD Wheel Platform
We have created another irreplaceable assistant — a snowplow robot for clearing snow from roofs
Special order platform with attachments: brush + blade
On the verge: VENOMS electric rover vs BRP ATV - who will be the winner?
Electric models of snow blowers with blade and brush show themselves in action
The security robot with an artificial intelligence, that patrols the territory
The maneuverable all-terrain vehicle has a power plant in the form of two motors with a capacity of 500W
Remote control will make it easy to operate without going outside in the summer heat or winter cold, intelligent unmanned control will help you get rid of routine work on the territory
New models of all-terrain vehicles endowed with a variety of functionality for everyday problem solving
We present to your attention a new model in the world of technology- tracked all-terrain vehicles from the ROBCOM company