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Individual tracked and wheeled vehicles

It's able to overcome almost every existing obstacles and complete the task

Model range of multifunctional vehicles

The price is indicated in Russian rubles
The benefits of owning the venom vehicle
The vehicle is covered with pain, which is resistant to mechanical stress
CNC-machine-based high precision manufacturing.
Electrical engines allow to avoid harmful emissions into the environment.
Vehicles' compact size and control mechanism ensure its maneuverability in limited spaces.
There is no need to fill fuel and change technical fluids. Charging from a 220-volt source of electricity.
Low operating costs
The rejection of using a gasoline engines allowed to minimize the level of produced noise.
Low noise level
Can't choose? We will call back and help you choose an all-terrain vehicle under your tasks
About the company
ROBCOM is a Russian developer of all-terrain vehicles, equipped with electric motors. We are young company, progressively gaining speed in the field of robotics, engineering, assembling and technique commissioning in the purpose of daily and special tasks.
We pay close attention to the ergonomics, functionality and efficiency. Working with us, you get high-quality and durable solutions, that serve from generation to generation.
Attention to the work
In-house production
Our own advanced production possesses park of 50 CNC-machines, which allows us make every required components by ourselves. Our production has 5000 m2 of working area and more than 250 professional employees.