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A new robot for mowing grass and shrubs
ROBCOM introduces a new robot mulcher designed for mowing grass and shrubs. The robot is equipped with a powerful 4 kW motor, which allows it to effectively cope with the most difficult tasks.
The device has a tracked chassis equipped with 500 Watt motors. This design allows the robot to overcome any slopes and irregularities, ensuring maximum cross-country ability and stability.
The mulcher is also equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism capable of lifting up to 300 kg. In the future, it is planned to additionally equip the platform with a bucket and an auger, which will expand the functionality of the robot and allow it to be used in various fields.
The first tests of the new robot were successful, but minor improvements remain before launching into mass production. The width of the mulcher bevel is 950 mm, which will allow it to work effectively on large areas.
It is expected that the new robot mulcher will become an indispensable assistant in the field of agriculture and landscaping.
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