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Heating without boundaries: power and mobility in one device.
We presented two unique models, which were named Venom Hub and Venom Hot Oil. These mobile devices are capable of heating thousands of square meters quickly.

The Venom HOT - is a 120-kW diesel heat gun equipped with an additional trailer with a tank for 450 liters of diesel fuel. It is capable of working up to 5 hours on a single battery. Thanks to the remote-controlled crawler platform, it easily moves through snow, mud and sand. In addition, the narrow chassis with a width of only 86 centimeters allows you to pass through almost any doorway.
Venom Hot Oil is an oil heat gun that runs on waste oil and has a power of 60 kW. It also has a narrow-tracked chassis and remote control.
ROBCOM specialists have extensive experience in engineering, and their goal was to create devices that combine high power, efficiency and mobility to meet the need for heat supply in difficult conditions.
The introduction of these tracked platforms can lead to significant improvements in various areas. For example, construction companies can use them to quickly heat hangars and warehouses in the cold conditions, which will help reduce project execution time. In the energy industry for heating equipment and infrastructure, ensuring more stable operation of systems. In case of emergency situations, such as floods or natural disasters, these platforms can be an important means of providing warmth and comfort for those affected.

Such devices show how technologies can be applied to solve real problems and improve working conditions.
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