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The new Venom TOTEM crawler rescue platform
Venom TOTEM is a revolutionary technological solution designed specifically for working in extreme conditions. This platform is designed to assist rescuers in evacuating victims from hard-to-reach places such as mountains, forests, wetlands or rugged terrain.
The main purpose of the Venom TOTEM is to ensure the safe movement of victims in conditions where access to conventional vehicles is limited. The tracked chassis of the platform provides maximum cross-country capability, which allows rescuers to deliver assistance where it is extremely necessary.
The key feature of this model is the presence of a quick-release stretcher, which makes the platform a universal tool for rapid evacuation of victims. The robotic mechanism of the stretcher ensures safety and stable fixation during movement. Rescuers can focus on providing medical care, minimizing the risks of additional injuries during evacuation.
This model can be used in the field of emergencies, accidents in the urban environment, as well as military operations.

Venom TOTEM is designed to save lives and provide rapid response in an environment where every second counts.
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