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Lawnmower robot: keep the weekend for yourself!
We didn't have time to say: "OOPS" - as the summer season breathes in the back. All year long we are waiting for warm days, swollen buds and the first grass to break through the frozen ground. But there comes a day when there is no hiding from the thickets on the site. The grass grows by leaps and bounds, and we only have time to tear our backs and keep the plot in order.
Do not despair, there is a solution to the problem! Noisy gasoline lawn mowers and manual electric mowers have been replaced by robotic counterparts that can maintain your lawn in perfect condition and completely without human intervention.
The best lawnmower robots behave similarly to vacuum cleaner robots: they move randomly within established boundaries, use sensors to bypass obstacles (including flower beds) and allow you to plan and control their work using special applications. But instead of cleaning up dirt and pet hair, robot mowers take care of your yard by carefully cutting the grass.
Robots of various shapes and sizes are on the market today, robotic mowers can easily handle huge territories and various types of terrain, including uneven, rugged terrain. Most robot mowers are easy to program and operate automatically. By acquiring such a friend in the family, you get the most precious thing - time that you will spend on yourself, family, friends, do what you love: fry kebabs, arrange hiking, go fishing or just soak up the sun.
However, how efficiently and intelligently lawnmower robots do their job depends on the model chosen. Cheaper lawnmowers usually have a shorter battery life and require more time to recharge. Other work-mowers are suitable for large lawns and can be equipped with rain sensors, anti-theft sensors, related applications for remote control and other useful functionality.
For example, the Chinese company Ecovacs at the end of 2022 developed a lawnmower robot that works on the principle of "smart home". The innovative technology was named "Goat G1". This name was not invented by chance: one of the advantages of a smart Goat is the ability to scan the surrounding space every 25 seconds using 360-degree cameras. He easily makes a map of the yard, according to which he will do his job. This feature eliminates the risk of "butting" with other objects. Hence the name.
In a day, a smart robot is able to trim 600 square meters of lawn. Additionally, the robot is equipped with a water and dust protection system and can work even in the rain. The Goat G1 station is equipped with the same function, so you can safely install it in the yard and forget about the hassle of recharging and other equipment care. All these functions allow the mower to operate completely autonomously. Isn't that a dream?
We, the Robcom team, are also working on such a dream. We officially announce: active preparation for the summer is opened! We are starting the creation of the main assistant for the entire summer period. Very soon we will be ready to free up your weekend for really important things! And your suburban areas will turn into a place to relax, but not for backbreaking work.
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