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Robots against fire?
ROBCOM announces new project - the development of a crawler robot for extinguishing fires. We guarantee that our all-terrain vehicle will become a know-how in the field of fire extinguishing. Due to its wide potential, it can be used in various fields. Let’s take a closer look.
A fire robot will solve all the difficulties that stand in the way of traditional extinguishing methods:
Firstly, no standard fire truck is capable of working in hard-to-reach areas: on steep slopes, in forests and in mountain areas.
Secondly, firefighters risk their lives and health by eliminating forest fires.
And what about the robot? Thanks to its size and stable design, our innovative lifeguard will easily get into the most inaccessible places. Remote control will allow you to extinguish fires at a distance, protecting human lives from risk.
Within the framework of the project, we use only advanced technologies! The firefighter will be equipped with various thermal sensors, including cameras that will detect fires and assess the degree of their danger. The artificial intelligence implanted in the technology will allow you to quickly and accurately analyze the data received from the sensors and make decisions on how best to extinguish fires.
The platform will operate using a drip irrigation system, which will allow extinguishing fires without risk to the environment.
Our idea is being implemented specifically for use in the fields of forestry, mining and oil and gas industry, as well as in the urban environment.
The ROBCOM team has already started working on the project and plans to launch a test drive in the near future. And at the moment, our developers are engaged in improving functionality and improving management.
We believe that the development of such equipment is the future in the field of fire safety! And we hope that soon our robot firefighters will save hundreds of lives and hectares of forest. And for many companies, our project will minimize the damage from fires and preserve the profitability of the business.

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