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Snow loves in time cleaning
Today, 1000 residents of Siberia have become a little happier!
The time of ice skates and snow slides is really beautiful, but it also has its disadvantages. Every year, residents of Siberian cities and public utilities face great difficulties.
Everyone remembers how Novosibirsk sank under the snow on the January weekend of 2023. The city services faced a difficult task: to clear tons of snow.
Large-sized equipment copes with highways, but what about stops, sidewalks and other places inaccessible to special equipment of road services?
Today, our snow plows came to the aid of the city authorities. Agile, powerful and passable electric cars have made their way to places where the human hand has not yet touched. We shoveled a ton of snow, clearing the road for pedestrians.
Don't you believe it? See for yourself.
And our mission is accomplished: the roads have become cleaner, life is easier, and the world is better.
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