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Special project named ELECTRIC CAR I-BOLID
ROBCOM is proud to present the i-bolid, an electric vehicle specially designed for people with disabilities. We strive to help those who need it, and this project is no exception. Our craftsmen are developing a car that will be comfortable, affordable and fast.
It will be equipped with a variety of functions that make it one of the most comfortable special tools today. Comfortable adjustable chair and easy operation it is. The i-bolid suspension system is specially designed to ensure smooth running on any terrain, despite the small size and light weight of the frame. Powerful electric motors will allow you to accelerate up to 40 km/h.

We understand how important mobility solutions are for people with disabilities — that's why we are creating our new unique electric car: i-bolid! The combination of comfort, capabilities, speed, safety features, accessibility requirements — all this makes it one of the best vehicles for those who need additional assistance when moving around the city and beyond! So don't hesitate — see what happens!
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