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The production process of electric all-terrain vehicles - Venom MS HD
We invite everyone to visit!

High–speed electric all-terrain vehicles, snowplow robots, crawler platforms - you hear about our developments every day. Have you ever wondered how they are born?
All our creations are the result of our numerous team of professionals who perform their work on time and with millimeter accuracy thanks to the high-tech equipment in our workshops.
And we not only generate ideas, design and assemble equipment, but also create all the components of our electric vehicles on our own!
All this could have been just words, but today we decided to back up words with deeds.
Therefore, we invite you to see with your own eyes the production process of our equipment, fall in love with our coolest equipment and get to know the Robcom team better.
Turn on the video and take a tour of our workshops. Enjoy your viewing.
Certified and tested products
All products produced are fully certified and tested in laboratory conditions.