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Drones are the future. This is the fact.

Беспилотный транспорт
Innovative technologies simplify the life of many companies, help to improve the quality of products and services. The use of drones guarantees high accuracy, increased profits and safety.
Let's figure out what is drones and how it differs from conventional technologies?
In general, the only difference is that the decision "where and how to go" is made not by a person, but by a software and hardware complex.
And no miracles! There are only 5 main devices that read the information necessary for movement and connect together:

1) The camera detects obstacles, people, other road users and traffic boundaries;
2) Stereo cameras determine the distance to the object;
3) Radar performs the same function as stereo cameras, only with the help of radio waves;
4) Lidar makes a map of what is happening around unmanned vehicles;
5) GPS sensors.
Беспилотный транспорт

And the funny thing is that despite the big words: "innovation", "high technology", "technology of the future" - prototypes of drones have long been used in everyday life. Take, for example, the function of any modern car – cruise control. Well, why don't you have a drone? And he rides without the help of a driver, and he regulates the speed himself, and adheres to the lane.
However, it's not that simple. Russian legislation does not allow driving drones without the pilot himself. Here is such a paradox.
And even the pilot project for the operation of drones launched in Russia in 2018, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 26 N 1415, did not allow specialized cars to drive without the presence of a technologist who will observe the integrity and safety of driving.

Tests are continuing, the promised leap in the field of innovative cars was promised by mid-2023: it is planned to launch space navigation aids, a number of specialized routes for unmanned trucks will be formed, for example, along the M-11 and M-2 highways. And the experiment also involves the expansion of "unmanned routes" to another 25 regions.

Беспилотный транспорт
However, despite major projects in the field of IT technologies of such giants as Yandex, Sberbank and KAMAZ, experts say the opposite. We are not prepared for a high-tech breakthrough. And roads need to be built, and laws need to be rewritten, and even sanctions have descended. And the main element for the movement of drones – lidar – remained behind Cardon.
And yes, even if we don't dream of unmanned taxis and buses, but we have actively succeeded in the field of UAVs – UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES. Flying drones are actively used in the military, industrial and extractive industries.
Russia is recognized as a leading country in the aviation industry. And today we clearly see how Russian drones are actively and steadfastly in service with our country. For example, the Russian drone "Thunder" was created in order to "divert" enemy strikes to itself, saving the air group. And the Orion drone, on the contrary, is aimed at defeating the enemy.

Our positions are also strong in the development of oversized drones. The so-called drones are actively developing, every year demonstrating new models with a number of functions that are indispensable in agriculture, geodesy, the energy sector, and law enforcement agencies.
In the field of aerial drones, there are many advantages. The benefits of such technology are also found by ordinary consumers who actively use the latest technologies in the field of photography and videography.
Our company ROBCOM is confidently moving in the development of modern innovations. And the field of drones is our further global goal. We see an urgent need for the Russian economy to introduce drones to the modern market. As they say, we see the goal - we do not see obstacles. Soon you will see new drones from our team in our news feed.
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