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Venom MS HD electric rover - now even more reliable
Important news, we are glad to announce new improvements that we are implementing in our products.
Venom MS HD electric all-terrain vehicles will now become even more reliable and durable thanks to a new coating - galvanized housings and parts.
Galvanizing is the process of coating metal surfaces with zinc to protect against corrosion and damage. This means that Venom MS HD will have additional protection from external influences, such as rain, snow, salt on the roads and other factors.
In addition, galvanized parts have a higher resistance to mechanical stress, which means that in the event of a collision or accident, electric vehicles will be more resistant to damage.
At this stage, galvanized housings and parts will be available for the Venom MS HD model with advanced functionality.
In addition, Robcom is actively working to improve other aspects of its equipment, including range, speed, safety and comfort. In the near future, it is planned to release new models with even more advanced technologies and functions.
The new improvement in the form of galvanized enclosures is just one step towards continuous product improvement and customer satisfaction.
Robcom's customers can count on high-quality products in the field of electric transport, which are the best on the market.
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