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ROBCOM is a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment, presents a new model of the VENOM GLADIATOR all-terrain platform
VENOM GLADIATOR is a powerful tracked platform with a large luggage compartment for transporting various equipment and tools. Due to this, it is ideal for use in the construction, agricultural and industrial sectors.
In addition, VENOM GLADIATOR is equipped with a large platform on top, measuring about a meter by a meter. This platform can be used as a desktop for various tasks, which makes VENOM GLADIATOR an ideal choice for professionals who need a mobile platform for work.
гусеничная платформа
Another important advantage of the VENOM GLADIATOR is the presence of a towbar that allows you to transport trailers. This significantly expands the possibilities of using the platform and makes it even more functional.
We are proud to be able to present to our customers the VENOM GLADIATOR, our most versatile and powerful all-terrain platform.

VENOM GLADIATOR will be available for order very soon.
гусеничная платформа
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