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Warning: snowfall from the roof!
It's April, and residents of the northern regions of Russia continue to be showered with snow. Utilities are constantly fight with the unexpected spring gift of heaven, performing difficult and dangerous work.
The Robcom team has a solution for this case, too. Thanks to the numerous requests of our customers, we have created another irreplaceable assistant — a snowplow robot for cleaning snow from roofs.
робот снегоуборщик
The main task of the robot is snow removal from large areas of flat roofs. It is equipped with special arches and loops that simplify its transportation and operation.
And that's not all! The robot is compact and powerful: two 750 Watt motors and an electric lifting blade. Its battery will provide the owner with long-term work "without a break for lunch", and the remote control of the remote control can easily be used even with one hand.
We will tell you at least two advantages of the robot that will undoubtedly beat manual labor - these are safety and efficiency.
The high speed and productivity of the robot allow cleaning extended surfaces in a short time, which is very advantageous in places such as shopping malls, warehouses, airports, where labor costs are excessively high.
In addition, its use reduces the risk to the health of personnel, and also reduces the damage to roofs that can be caused by traditional snowplows.
This robot is a great choice for those who want to save money and time. It runs on electricity, which eliminates noise and emissions, making it more economical and efficient than conventional snow plows.
It is not difficult to calculate how easily investments in a robot will pay off. Reducing the cost of renting equipment or hiring workers, complete with the durability of equipment, will make your investments truly profitable.
Enough words, let's get down to business. Take a look at this powerful device ready to lend you a helping hand!
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