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A new addition to the ranks of robots: a research platform, a security guard and a deliverer in one device
In our constantly evolving technological era, innovative devices are appearing every day, simplifying life and improving our capabilities. In this context, we are proud to announce the expansion of our model range of equipment – meet the new wheeled robot assistant with a unique and spectacular design.

The platform combines aesthetics and functionality, representing a real masterpiece of engineering.

Appearance is not the only advantage of this device:
Due to the all-wheel drive, the robot can penetrate into hard-to-reach places and collect valuable data for scientific research;
Perform the functions of a security guard and patrol officer, ensuring security and monitoring of the territory, freely maneuvering through the landscape and responding to emerging situations.
With a load capacity of up to 100 kg, the platform can be used to transport materials and equipment over long distances, perform the functions of an assistant in warehouse operations, production workshops and other industries where cargo movement is required.

Traction forces up to 300 kg allow you to cope with heavy loads and move on any uneven surface, which is especially useful in construction sites or areas with unpredictable terrain.
The 63-48V battery provides maximum efficiency and long battery life.

The presented robot is just one example of how technology can change our lives and business environment, automate and optimize a number of processes, speeding them up and improving the quality of work.
With the growing demand for robotics and automation, such wheeled assistants are becoming an integral part of our future reality. They can be used in many fields, including manufacturing, logistics, medicine, agriculture and much more.
The new wheeled robot promises to be attractive solution, including effective useful, for organizations and enterprises seeking modern and efficient technologies. His appearance in our ranks will certainly contribute to the advancement of science and technology, bringing new opportunities and advantages to our lives.

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