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Testing of two new models of lawn mowers
As part of the modern approach to gardening and landscape design, two new models of rotary wheeled lawn mowers are being tested. One of the models is equipped with a remote control, and the other allows the operator to control it while sitting in a comfortable chair using a joystick.
A team of ROBCOM engineers and designers are working together to create these models in order to facilitate the process of grass care and make it more convenient and efficient.
Both models of lawn mowers are equipped with powerful motors and rotors capable of providing high throughput and efficiency when mowing.
Preliminary test results indicate the potential of both models. Innovative features and improved control capabilities make these lawn mowers an attractive solution for professionals, as well as for people engaged in personal gardening.
ROBCOM plans to conduct several additional tests to refine the functionality and design of the models, and eventually release them to the market.

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